listening in three parts 


warm up your hands by rubbing them together

use the palm of your hands

place them over your ears

press them together 









S       l      o     w     l    y       r    e   l  e  a s e 



your hands


Pick a sound

Follow it 

u n t i l 

the end.




listening in three parts is a textscore that can be read or performance by the individual or in a group. This can be used as a warm up exercise prior to engaging in any form of listening activities. Whether to focus on a new sound or listening beyond your periphery.  


For the full experience, I recommend Sonic Diary follow by listening in three parts. Once it ends, pick a new sound to follow. Repeat. 

Sonic Diary is a compilation piece derived from an on-going project by utilising instagram as a platform to capture and deliver an immediate sonic-orientated experience. 


The work itself is not asking to be heard. It aims to expand our listening capacity by toying with the ear's acoustic reflex; introducing individual sounds varying in frequencies and loudness rather than bombarding the listener with sounds. This breaks down the listening hierarchy and encourages all sounds to be listened to equally, from the sound from the work, the sound within the space and the sound beyond the space.